Kermandie Falls

Kermandie Falls - Geeveston

Rating: Medium

Time: 20 – 25 minutes


Allow three to four hours return for this walk to a scenic waterfall.  You can hear the river for almost the duration of the walk, occasionally catching a glimpse as the track nears the river in places.  Keep an eye out for lyrebirds and other small birds on the way.

A word of warning: the track is a little indistinct in places so care should be taken if you have no bushwalking experience.  There are coloured markers (yellow, pink and red) placed at intervals so watch carefully for these if the track becomes faint.

Good walking boots are essential as there are several boggy wet sections and it is slippery on the descent to the falls.

Travel to Geeveston and through the town to the Kermandie River Bridge, turning right into Kermandie River Road.  Travel 2 kilometres to a fork in the road and a sign pointing to the falls on the left fork.  This road becomes a little rough towards the end but should be okay with careful driving, when you reach the end of the road at the river there is a small parking area on the left.

The walk starts on a steep track on the left heading down to the river ( a water pipe can be seen on your right), cross here and follow the old logging road until you arrive at a new logging road which cuts through the original track, cross here and head right to the concrete bridge, pick up the old logging track again on the left of the bridge and walk to the end of the road.  Look for yellow tapes tied to the trees and pick up a track on the left which heads up the hill to the falls. The last section, dropping down to the falls, is quite steep and a bit of a scramble, but quite manageable.  The waterfall itself is set in a steep rugged valley that is hardly ever in sunshine.  Huge jumbles of logs are a testament to the river’s ferocity in flood.