Campo de Flori - Sustainable Farm and Ceramics Studio

Campo de Flori is a boutique farm in the Huon Valley of Tasmania.  They grow Saffron, Lavender, Olives and Garlic.  This is where artist Lisa Britzman creates ceramic art in her studio that overlooks the Huon Valley.  Lisa uses mid-fire porcelain clays and Raku clays to create one of a kind art works utilizing a pottery wheel and hand building techniques.  The pieces are hand decorated with original designs using under glaze coloured pencils, stains, and three coats of velvet under glazes.  The pieces are bisque fired to 1000°C and then three coats of clear glaze is applied and fired again to 1160°C.  The Raku pieces are fired in a purpose built outdoor gas fired kiln and fired to 1010°C.  Some of the work is used in wearable pieces of art jewellery combined with fancy beads on silk, bamboo and leather cords.  Lisa's current works of art are inspired by life on the farm and her love of the Tasmanian natural world around her.  The 40 acres of bush that surrounds her is full of bird life and is inspirational for her current works of art.  Lisa's works of art and jewellery can be found at Tasmanian Visitor Centres, fine art galleries in Hobart, in the Campo de Flori Farm Shop and online.  

We have a fantastic display of Campo de Flori products available in our gift shop and welcome you to come and find a piece you will just love.